Why GPS?

GPS specialises in providing high quality, skill enhancing training, coaching and consultancy services in negotiation and conflict management for individuals and organisations. Since 1999, GPS and partners have provided services to a variety of private and public organisations around the world, including Microsoft, Israeli Defense Forces, Sun Microsystems Inc., government departments and more. GPS providing consultancy services to the Murdoch’s University Executive Education Centre as well as conducting training in other academic settings in Australia, US, Israel and Italy.

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Our Services

Providing professional and confidential training, coaching, facilitation, consultancy and conflict resolution services…

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Clients’ Testimonials

“I am a director of a cosmetics company. I was in a process of negotiating a contract with a supplier from overseas. I have approached GPS for negotiation advice and that proved to be highly beneficial. Ganit assisted me in understanding the situation, setting my goals as well as supporting me in finding the best approach to conduct the negotiation, build trust and allow open communication. I recommend it highly”.

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Our Workshops

Our Workshops are highly interactive experiences exposing participants to cutting edge knowledge and providing them a safe and supportive learning environment to practice and improve their skills.

Our flag ship Workshops:

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